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Blogs from August, 2019

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Making Georgia a Part of the Energy Revolution

Can Georgia Make Solar More Attainable?

The solar industry is truly booming. How quickly, you might ask? The United States has just completed it’s 2 millionth solar install project, a feat which was accomplished just three years after reaching the 1 millionth install. It took 40 years for the country to reach that milestone. And the trend is only expected to continue, with it likely taking just two more years to reach 3 million installs and then 4 million in the year 2023. That’s unprecedented growth the likes of which has rarely, if ever been seen before.

The reason for this explosion is easy to see: solar has never been more affordable, and with the rising cost of energy and increased presence of carbon in the atmosphere, the need for clean, renewable energy has never been more pressing. However, experts are worried that the state of Georgia will be left behind in this energy revolution due to lagging policy, lack of social awareness, and legal complications which prevent homes and businesses from installing solar.

Solar for All Campaign

Despite solar polling positively amongst a wide range of political groups on both sides of the aisle, Georgia’s consumer solar policies have still been given an “F” grade when compared to other states. That’s where Georgia’s Solar for All campaign comes in. Solar for All is an organization which has worked to make obtaining solar easier and more hassle-free through friendly legislation and incentives.

The campaign is currently lobbying with state legislators and energy industry decision makers in order to make solar energy accessible for everyone in the state. However, the campaign depends on help from regular people as well. You can donate to the Solar for All campaign and contribute toward the cause of creating even easier and freer access to solar for everyone.

Increasing Your Home’s Value with Solar

Residents in Georgia are even being prevented from adding to the value of their home when solar isn’t accessible! Adding solar panels to a home has been shown in studies to add 4.1 percent to the average purchase price of a home—a number which translates to more than $9,000 extra dollars for the median-valued home in the state. When you combine that fact with the federal income tax credit and other available incentives, that makes the investment in solar an even better prospect for homeowners. And it’s something that homebuyers want—more than 80% of all homebuyers say energy-efficient features are an important factor when buying a home!

At Alternative Energy Southeast, we’re proud to work with Solar for All and a number of other organizations to make clean, renewable solar energy even more accessible and affordable to our community. If you’re interested in switching to solar, call our team at (770) 691-0966 today to request more information.