Energy Storage Systems in Georgia

Alternative Energy Southeast, Inc. offers many energy storage system (ESS) solutions for homes and businesses. Most are programmed to work automatically with no user-intervention required.

The Tesla Powerwall has earned its place as our most popular residential and small commercial ESS. To learn more about it, visit our product page here: Tesla Powerwall.

AES can design/build ESS for any situation

  • Backup Power - If you want to backup just your important appliances, your entire house or critical systems to keep your business running AES will deliver a system that you can rely on when it matters most. Our backup power systems are usually coupled with solar PV so the batteries can be recharged when the sun is out. We'll discuss your needs to ensure the system meets your unique needs.
  • Off-Grid System - If you want to go totally off-the-grid, AES can do that too. We will analyze your power consumption and tailor the size of your off-grid system. The investment necessary to go completely off-grid is considerable for most homes and businesses, but we will help you make sense of the options.
  • Daily Cycling w/ PV - Most power companies in Georgia only pay a fraction of the retail value for your excess solar power. A Daily Cycling system uses a battery to store excess solar energy during the day so you can use it at night or anytime power demand in the building exceeds solar production. For slightly more, we can also design this system to provide reliable backup power if the grid shuts down.
  • Time of Use (ToU) Arbitrage - Certain utilities, such as Georgia Power, offer rates plans that are drastically lower all year long except for a few hours on summer weekdays. These systems use stored energy to supply power to the building when rates are high. This can substantially lower your cost per unit of electricity while having an ESS on standby for backup power. AES will help you determine if ToU Arbitrage is feasible for your location.
  • Peak Shaving - Large commercial and industrial facilities on a RTP (real-time pricing) rate plan can use ESS to supply power when rates are high. The batteries can then be recharged using solar power or power from the grid when utility rates drop.

AES is certified to design and install with the following brands

Sol-Ark Brand

Sol-Ark- The Sol-Ark inverter is an all-in-one unit that couples the battery and the solar panels which makes for impressive efficiency ratings and reduced costs. It has a certified EMP-hardened option (because who knows what the future holds...) and can be paired with a variety of different battery types including lithium, lead-acid, AGM and more. It has a touch-screen display and you'll know the system is working with the ability to monitor and control it remotely through a smart phone or desktop app. Sol-Ark is ideal for small commercial or any size residential off-grid or grid-tied battery backup systems. Now available in 3-phase for small to medium commercial applications!

PowerWall Tesla Home Battery

Tesla Powerwall- Our most popular ESS option, the Tesla Powerwall is lithium-ion batteries that can be mounted indoors or outdoors. The Powerwall boasts 13.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of storage capacity. Their prices are highly competitive and the product comes with a 10 year warranty. With Tesla's lithium supply mined and refined locally, the company strategically and patriotically built the "Gigafactory" in Nevada, USA for manufacturing of these products. With the ability to cost-efficiently stack up 9 Powerwalls, and a 120/240-volt output, whole-home backup or off-grid power is more feasible than ever before, thanks to Tesla.

PowerPack Tesla Commercial Battery

Tesla Powerpack for Commercial ESS - For large commercial ESS, where the storage capacity needs are greater than 400 kWh and 3-phase output is required, our go-to is the Tesla Powerpack. The Tesla Powerpack is an outdoor rated, densely packed lithium battery that has 200 kWh of storage capacity per unit. When coupled with Tesla's own 50 kW inverters the Powerpack can provide a serious amount of power. 

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