Hidden camera reveals solar customers need to beware

solar customers need to beware

Hidden camera reveals solar customers need to beware.

FOX5 investigates a shoddy installation by SunPro, a solar installer who left their customer's home in shambles with a leaky roof and a broken electrical system. Montana Busch, President of AES and Co-Chair of Georgia Solar Energy Association, is interviewed for this story and gives advice to homeowners considering solar. https://www.fox5atlanta.com/video/1032705

FOX5 uses hidden cameras to catch Powerhome Solar (now Pink Energy) and Solar Titan sales reps telling lies and vastly overcharging homeowners. https://www.fox5atlanta.com/video/1070250

Several large national solar companies have a business model that involves lying and deceiving customers. This is a real issue for the industry.

AES has maintained near-perfect ratings with our customers for 15 years. If you are considering solar, whether it's with AES or another company, be sure to do your homework.

Here’s some more advice from Montana for buyers considering solar:

For homeowners: https://www.gasolar.org/solar-for-georgia-homeowners

For businesses: https://www.gasolar.org/solar-for-georgia-businesses

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