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Blogs from June, 2024

Evidence Shows Solar Panels Last Over 25 Years

Don’t Wait to Go Solar: Evidence Shows Solar Panels Last Over 25 Years

You may be wondering if your solar purchase today may become obsolete in the future. In this blog post, we’ll share three real-world examples that have demonstrated solar panel durability, even beyond their warranty period of 25 years. And all of them are still in use!

Solar panels inherently degrade very gradually over time, about 0.6% annually. They don’t have any moving parts which means they can last a very long time, even in harsh environments.

The oldest installed solar array in France is still producing 79.5% of its original rating after over 30 years! These panels were installed in 1992 and continue to show good productivity after a series of testing. If you want to learn more about the tests and these panels, feel free to check out this PV magazine article.

The Ticino Solare solar power plant in Switzerland has been generating power every day for almost 40 years! Installed in 1982, the system still delivered at least 80% of the output, according to the PV Europe article.

And finally, a local example. Did you know that Georgia Tech is also using solar power? The system installed on the aquatic center was the largest solar system in the world when it was installed. The building was used for the 1996 Olympic swimming competitions making it the host of the first ever solar-powered Olympic games.

Over the decades, these systems have been producing free, clean energy for their facilities. So why should you buy solar today rather than wait for the next advancement in technology? You should because you can rest assured that solar is reliable for a very long time and the sooner you go solar, the sooner you can start benefiting from it. The other components that comprise a complete solar power system are also very long-lasting. Many inverter and racking brands offer a 25-year warranty, and we at AES have a 25-year workmanship warranty.

In closing, you now know that even the older generation of solar panels are showing impressive results. Considering today’s solar panels are created to be even more mechanically and electrically resilient, why wait? Indeed, technology is constantly improving, but the longer you wait to “go solar”, the longer you’re missing out on the benefits that today’s technology is apt to provide.

If you have any questions about your personal solar benefits, we provide free solar consultations with your quote. Check out our promotions and deals for this season to save even more.