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Blogs from March, 2021

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East Athens Development Corporation will receive two free residential solar energy system donations. This donation was made possible through the success of the Solarize Athens 2020 Campaign that Alternative Energy Southeast (AES) was the selected contractor for.

“EADC is committed to improving the economic plight of low- and moderate-income families who live in Athens impoverished neighborhoods,” said Fred Smith, Director of EADC. "By reducing electricity expenses, the donated 100% free solar energy systems will have a huge and positive impact on the family’s budgets and lives, especially during this time of unprecedented economic challenge.” said Smith.

Each Solarize Athens campaign includes a community project whereby the selected contractor, Alternative Energy Southeast, and the program administrator, SolarCrowdsource, donate a portion of the proceeds earned from the campaign to go towards donating a solar energy system for a deserving local nonprofit organization.

Working with Alternative Energy Southeast, this campaign added over 480kW of new solar energy and 283kWh of new battery storage to the Athens metro area.

“Thanks to solar power technology we’ve created good paying jobs, reduced the cost of electricity for Athenians, reduced the town’s carbon footprint, helped out utilities by producing valuable peak-time electrons, and are now giving back to the community with this donation to EADC. This is what it is all about and therefore we need more solar power,” stated Montana Busch, President of Alternative Energy Southeast.