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Blogs from December, 2017

Alternative Energy Southeast, Inc.

“There is no downside to solar energy,” comments Naples, Fla., Mayor Bill Barnett. “It’s a win-win for all involved.”

In the wake of devastating hurricanes this year, solar energy offered critical community resilience to some in Florida.

“Following Hurricane Irma,” says South Miami, Fla., Mayor Philip Stoddard, “we plugged our fridge into the inverter on our rooftop solar system. It kept the beer cold and the Klondike Bars frozen until the utility power came back up a week later.”

Cities are natural leaders when it comes to solar energy,” says Emma Searson with Environment America. “They have high energy demand and lots of rooftop space suitable for solar panels. By pursuing local policies that prioritize solar, cities can maximize their solar potential, reduce pollution and improve public health.”

The “Mayors for Solar Energy” statement has 70 signatories and continues to grow.

Many cities are using solar to meet ambitious renewable energy targets. Traverse City, Mich., will build a solar project to help meet its goal to use 100% renewable energy by 2020.