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Blogs from December, 2023

Solar Power World's Interview with Montana Busch

The Solar Power World article featuring an interview with Montana Busch, CEO of Alternative Energy Southeast (AES), sheds light on the competitive dynamics of the residential and commercial solar market. Established in 2007, AES, under the leadership of MB, a master electrician and solar installer, has evolved into a prominent solar + storage leader. MB's strategic approach, founded on electrical expertise rather than a pure business background, sets AES apart, enabling them to tackle innovative technologies fearlessly.

In the interview, Montana Busch elaborates on AES's differentiation from competitors, emphasizing the company's commitment to technical proficiency and local community engagement. The discussion spans various topics, including legislative priorities in Georgia, advocacy efforts, and charitable initiatives. Notably, Montana Busch shares insights into AES's involvement in diverse projects, including Tesla Solar Roof installations. The interview also touches on the challenges encountered and lessons learned during the deployment of this innovative product.

Furthermore, the conversation delves into the impact of legislative changes, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, on AES's operations, particularly in the context of solar tax credits. Montana Busch highlights the significance of these incentives in driving leads and sales while providing stability to the solar industry amid declining tax credit values.

The article also explores AES's commitment to sourcing U.S.-made products, showcasing their resilience during periods of high demand and shortages, such as with Qcells. The emphasis on utilizing Georgia-made solar panels reflects AES's dedication to supporting local manufacturing.

Overall, the interview offers a comprehensive view of AES's journey, its role in advocating for favorable solar policies, and its resilience in adopting and navigating new technologies and legislative changes within the dynamic solar market.

Click here to read the full article and listen to the recording.