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Farm 2 Neighborhood in Athens, GA


Farm 2 Neighborhood is a non-profit organization in Athens, Georgia. They acquire veggies from local and minority farms and deliver free, healthy meals to people around town who are living in poverty. According to the website, Farm 2 Neighborhood is funded by donations and by selling "Bags of Delish". Farm 2 Neighborhood was nominated as one of the nonprofits of the year in 2021 by the Athens Foundation. The owner, Rashe Malcom, has been committed to the community for several years. In 2017, her brick and mortar restaurant burned. She had already started a nonprofit at that time, but she started Farm 2 Neighborhood the next year after recovering from the fire. Of course, COVID came soon after, and food delivery was really important during the lockdowns--especially for seniors. 

As part of our commitment to helping communities, Alternative Energy Southeast donated the 5.2kW rooftop solar power system (pictured below) to Farm 2 Neighborhood which operates out of the same building as Rashe's restaurant. The solar power array is projected to produce $41,571 worth of electricity over its warranted life span of 25-years and offset the equivalent carbon-dioxide (CO2) of 60,068 cars miles driven.